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What Should Be The First Platform For My App

12 December 2020

This discussion is more about prioritizing the first platform that you choose, as each platform brings its own challenges and benefits.

As a road map to this discussion, let's just lay down a few thoughts here:

  1. Let's discuss software ecosystem
  2. There are 3 main platforms for consumer apps
    1. Web
    2. iOS
    3. Android
  3. Why are these platforms so important (hint: they are easy for consumers to access/install)
  4. Desktop apps for internal software
  5. Which platform to pick first (based upon your priorities)

Weighing out reasons you're making an app.

Know why you want to make an app

27 November 2020

Understanding why you want to make an app will give you the direction you need during the development process.

App development for non technical founders.

So you want to make an app

21 November 2020

You've been thinking about it for awhile now. In fact you can't get the idea out of your mind. You want to make an app.