So you want to make an app

You've been thinking about it for awhile now. In fact you can't get the idea out of your mind. You want to make an app.

21 November 2020

App development for non technical founders.

You've been thinking about it for awhile now. In fact you can't get the idea out of your mind. You want to make an app.

There are some great reasons why you would want to make an app. It might just be that you want to bring the next viral app to market and have millions of users. Or it could go all the way to the other side of the spectrum and you just have a problem that you face regularly and reallly want an elegant solution for.

It doesn't matter why

In the end it doesn't really matter why you want to make an app. The process will still be the same. There is just one problem, you don't know where to start. And if you don't even know where to get started, it can be daunting.

You need someone that has been there before. Someone who has started a number of apps from scratch, as well as taken on existing apps and help improve them.

Not an easy journey

This is going to be a lot of work though. There are a lot of things to learn.

  • The technology
  • The crazy jargon the developers speak
  • Development process
  • Releasing and monitoring your apps
  • Improving adoption

Getting started

There are a lot of decisions that you're going to need to make around your app. They will all have an impact on the development process, your release process, and overall usage.

  • What platform(s) do you target?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • How are you going to market your app, or is it for internal usage?
  • Perhaps, most of all, who is going to develop your app?

If any of these questions or concerns have resonated with you, I hope you plan on sticking around. These aren't easy things to learn or questions to answer. But, as you learn the process, you'll be prepared to bring your app to life with the help of quality developers.


Kendell Fabricius

I've been developing apps in one form or another for over 10 years now. From web to mobile apps, small agencies to large enterprises. I have the experience to help you in your journey.

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